Software related issues


Software issues along with pertinent sections of IT Act, 2000 applicable to them are mentioned below:

  • Source Code Theft
    A Source code generally is the most coveted and important “crown jewel” asset of a company. Provisions applicable:- Sections 43, 66, 66B of IT Act and Section 63 of Copyright Act.
  • Introducing Viruses, Worms, Backdoors, Rootkits, Trojans, Bugs
    All of the above are some sort of malicious programs which are used to destroy or gain access to some electronic information.Provisions Applicable:- Sections 43, 66, 66A of IT Act and Section 426 of Indian Penal Code. 
  • Phishing and Email Scams
    Phishing involves fraudulently acquiring sensitive information through masquerading a site as a trusted entity. (E.g. Passwords, credit card information). Provisions Applicable:- Section 66, 66A and 66D of IT Act and Section 420 of IPC 
  • Harassment via fake public profile on social networking site
    Fake profile of a person is created on a social networking site with the correct address, residential information or contact details but he/she is labelled inappropriately as ‘prostitute’ or a person of ‘loose character’. This leads to harassment of the victim. Provisions Applicable:- Sections 66A, 67 of IT Act and Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code. 
  • Online Hate Community
    An online hate community is created inciting a religious group to act or pass objectionable remarks against a country, national figures etc.

The benefits of taking swift action on encountering Software related issues are:

  1. Taking swift action prevents further damage or loss.
  2. It prevents occurrence of future similar issues.
  3. It enhances security of the software.
  4. Reporting the software related issues to cyber crime cell helps trace the issue.


Procedure for Software related

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some software related issues?

Some software issues include source code theft, source code modification, and introducing viruses, worms, or Trojan in the computer system.

Under which Act are software-related issues covered?

Software related issues are covered under IT Act, 2000.

What step should be taken on encountering software related issues?

If the software related issue is serious then it should be reported to cybercrime cells so that they can take swift action.

How long does Sabkuch Legal take to deal with software related issues?

We try our best to complete your task in the shortest possible time.

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