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If a consumer has any grievances about the quality of a  product or, service, the aggrieved consumer can file a consumer complaint and seek redressal of his grievances. Consumer complaints can be filed before the District/State/National commission depending upon the pecuniary jurisdiction. A consumer complaint can be filed by an aggrieved Consumer himself or through an Advocate. Along with the complaint, a minimal fee is to be paid. It is always advisable to file the complaint with the help of an Advocate There is a three-tier system comprising of District, state and National Commission.

Complaint Could be Against

The Complaint could be filed  for defect in goods or deficiency in services or Unfair trade practice followed for promoting sale /use/supply of goods etc. which may be on account of:

  • Defect in goods
  • Goods failing on functionality claimed by the manufacturer
  • Warranty conditions not being fulfilled
  • Sold refurbished/second-hand goods as New goods
  • Deficiency in services
  • Goods or services hazardous to the public are being offered for sale
  • Misleading public about concerning the price of goods
  • Offering gifts or prizes with no intention to offer them

Who Can File a Complaint

  • The individual must be a consumer.
  • Any recognized voluntary consumer association if the consumer is a member of the association or not.
  • The Central Government or the State Government.
  • One or more consumers along with numerous other consumers having the same interests.
  • A legal heir or a representative in the case of death of a consumer.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can file a Complaint?

Any consumer; Any voluntary consumer association; Central Government or any State Government; One or more consumers, where there are numerous consumers having the same interest. In case of death of a consumer, his legal heir or representation

Where to File a Complaint?

As per the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 a complaint can be filed in District Commission: If the value of the claim(value of goods or services paid as consideration) is up to Rs 1crore, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC): If the value of the claim exceeds ` Rs 1 crore but is within ` 10 crore. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) If the value of the claim exceeds ` Rs 10 crore.

What is the Jurisdiction of Consumer Fora?

A complaint shall be instituted in a Consumer commission within the local limits of who’s the opposite party resides or carries on business or has a branch office or personally works for gain, or where the cause of action, wholly or in part, arises.

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