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Consumer Laws

If a consumer has been provided with a defective or deficient product or service, consumer law comes to the rescue giving relief to the consumer. Specific consumer courts are set up under the Consumer Protection Laws to resolve disputes. A consumer protection lawyer would be able to secure a refund and compensation for any person who has been provided with a defective product or a deficient service.  SabKuch Legal has empaneled some of the best consumer protection lawyers who can help get a refund and compensation, if your rights as a consumer have been violated.

Consumer Complaint – District/ State/ National Forum– To provide speedy and inexpensive redressal of consumer disputes, the Consumer Protection Act envisages a 3 – tier quasi-judicial machinery at the National, State and District levels. District Forum deals with complaints involving costs and compensation less than Rs. 20 Lakhs.  State Commission deals with complaints involving compensation higher than Rs. 20 lakhs and less than Rs. 1 crore. National Commission, deals with complaints involving costs and compensation higher than Rs. 1 Crore. Sabkuch Legal has the best Consumer Protection lawyer who can register any consumer complaint in the desired consumer forum. click here to read more

Legal Notices and Reply to Notices - A legal notice is a legal action in the form of formal communication made to a person/entity informing the same to undertake legal proceedings against him/her. It is an initial note of information to let the person or an entity know that he or she is/has made a grievance and the cause of legal action is taken in respect of it. If not dealt with cautiously, it might be a factor that the court may consider, if the case proceeds to litigation. The Section of Consumer Protection Act leverages the consumer to issue a legal notice for consumer complaints to the seller. The objective of sending a notice to the seller is to intimate the seller about the defect and give them time to rectify the product or service. This legal notice is dealt with by a consumer lawyer. Our team consisting of expert lawyers in Drafting Legal Notices or Replying to the same on consumer law can help you figure out everything from preparing the required document to sending it. click here to read more

Defending Advertising Cases - The Advertising Standards Council of India (“ASCI”) is a voluntary self-regulatory authority constituted to monitor the content of advertisements keeping in mind the interest of the consumers/viewers. All complaints made to ASCI by the general public as well as companies are evaluated and decided by an independent Consumer Complaints Council (“CCC”). Courts in India give significant credence to the decisions of ASCI. Consumer Complaints Council (“CCC”) as appointed by ASCI does not have an appellant authority to hear appeals. The Council however has an internal system of review in place for orders passed by it. Sabkuch Legal has the best consumer protection lawyer than can help aggrieved parties to take legal recourse against defending advertising cases. click here to read more

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